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Wonders of Baking Soda

bakingsodaPeople have re-discovered the magic of baking soda in recent years. My mom taught me to use it as a cleaner for the silverware. I mixed it with a bit of vinegar and rubbed it into the utensils and it polished it up very nicely. It was inexpensive and organic.

I have since used for a few other things; conditioning and removing chemical build up in my hair; removing a grease stain from clothing and cleaning & sanitizing my coffee maker.

Image result for shiny hairHair:

in the shower I would wet my hair and depending on how much hair you have (I have a LOT) take about 1/4 -1/3 cup of baking soda and rub it into your scalp. I usually do this in a couple of handfuls – not the whole amount at once. Then work it through your hair until you feel all of it is spread throughout. Then rinse well. It does take a bit longer to rinse the baking soda out, but you should feel the difference immediately! This removes the buildup of hard water, soaps/conditioners and hair products that stick to your hair. Your hair should feel soft and silky! I admit I have not used it on dyed hair, you should check with your hairdresser.

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Grease stains:

 I have had great success in using this method. Say you drop a bit of oil on your shirt, maybe peanut butter? I sure have! I take the clothing and put it on the washer, I make a paste of the baking soda and put rub it into the stained area. I let it sit for a bit or just leave it as it until I do laundry next. This absorbs the oil and leaves not stain behind. I have even had pretty good success with this method after you wash the item. You know how you take something out of the dryer and notice a dark stain or the fabric is darker in one spot? Usually eye level? It is not 100% but I would say when I catch it before it goes through the laundry – it is about 95%. After? About 70%.

Image result for coffee potCoffee pot:

Easy, you put about 2 tablespoons into the unit where you usually put the coffee and run the water through it. If the pot needs a bit more care – you can swish about 1 tsp into the pot and voila! All nice and clean.

Hope you liked these tips I have gathered along the way 🙂

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Recommendation of the day

Picture3Picture1Picture2Ugh the cost of skin care?

I get that “why does it have to be so expensive!” But, I have to say there are some products that are worth every penny. There are plenty of products that promise things that they shouldn’t and those that you can find for a better price. You only get one of everything, sometimes two, but skin is one of them. If you are a young woman, glowing in the beauty of youth, please take these suggestions to heart:
1.  Cleanse & moisturize well every day. If only once, preferably at night, you skin should be clean and moisturized while you sleep, when your body is      rejuvenating.
2. Cool water splashed on your skin throughout the day will do wonders for keeping it clean and fresh
3. Sunscreen! Tinted sunscreen for formal or office days where you need to look your best.
4. Sunscreen! Yes I did it twice. Better yet, don’t sit in the sun. Sun damage is the worst and longest lasting, virtually irreversible damage you can do to your skin.
5. Wear a hat while in the sun for more than 5 minutes!  It’s like the sunscreen thing but different.
6. Avoid heavy foundation. This is not necessary for ANY age! On younger women it covers up their lovely natural glow and older women, it reveals every nook and cranny you are hoping to avoid! Aforementioned tinted moisturizer which I will highlight on another post.

Today’s Product of choice:

Kiehl’s – this is a great product that does everything it promises. And a whole set of the basics will cost you about $125 but it actually does last you a few months. I admit when I was on a tight budget I didn’t buy the whole “regime” cleanser, toner, daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer etc. But I did buy the one thing that I could not replicate via budget friendly options. Good moisturizer.  I have shared the link to their webpage below.
Value: $$$
$ – Dollar Store
$$ – Drug store brand
$$$ – department store brand/independent brand
$$$$ -High end store/boutique