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Wonders of Baking Soda

bakingsodaPeople have re-discovered the magic of baking soda in recent years. My mom taught me to use it as a cleaner for the silverware. I mixed it with a bit of vinegar and rubbed it into the utensils and it polished it up very nicely. It was inexpensive and organic.

I have since used for a few other things; conditioning and removing chemical build up in my hair; removing a grease stain from clothing and cleaning & sanitizing my coffee maker.

Image result for shiny hairHair:

in the shower I would wet my hair and depending on how much hair you have (I have a LOT) take about 1/4 -1/3 cup of baking soda and rub it into your scalp. I usually do this in a couple of handfuls – not the whole amount at once. Then work it through your hair until you feel all of it is spread throughout. Then rinse well. It does take a bit longer to rinse the baking soda out, but you should feel the difference immediately! This removes the buildup of hard water, soaps/conditioners and hair products that stick to your hair. Your hair should feel soft and silky! I admit I have not used it on dyed hair, you should check with your hairdresser.

Image result for grease stain on shirt

Grease stains:

 I have had great success in using this method. Say you drop a bit of oil on your shirt, maybe peanut butter? I sure have! I take the clothing and put it on the washer, I make a paste of the baking soda and put rub it into the stained area. I let it sit for a bit or just leave it as it until I do laundry next. This absorbs the oil and leaves not stain behind. I have even had pretty good success with this method after you wash the item. You know how you take something out of the dryer and notice a dark stain or the fabric is darker in one spot? Usually eye level? It is not 100% but I would say when I catch it before it goes through the laundry – it is about 95%. After? About 70%.

Image result for coffee potCoffee pot:

Easy, you put about 2 tablespoons into the unit where you usually put the coffee and run the water through it. If the pot needs a bit more care – you can swish about 1 tsp into the pot and voila! All nice and clean.

Hope you liked these tips I have gathered along the way 🙂